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The Decision Focus software suite supports a wide range of business processes. You choose which ones you want to work with. You also choose the number of individual process elements and core functionalities you want to work with.

We have developed a set of best practices from our many implementations in Scandinavia, Europe and the US, so you can choose the best for your business.

Finally, you also choose whether you want minimum involvement from us, or whether we should initiate and run each process.

Here are the main process areas:

Project Portfolio Management

Create an overview of the entire project portfolio from a management perspective. Forget the details, and keep your focus on prioritising the pipeline and evaluating each project’s direct link to company strategy. Our software suites Portfolio Management process supports your risk management and financial planning.

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Resource Management

Decision Focus software suite, supports resource management at several levels. Using an overview of overall capacity, the solution displays available resources per department or competence group. Projects and development tasks can be estimated, then booked against available capacity.

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Vendor Management

Do you use vendors in your projects? The Vendor Management process is supported by our software suite which will help you keep track of which contractors are working on which projects, what their estimated costs are, and what their actual costs are. The solution assigns each vendor their own role so they can sign in and submit project and cost status.

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Application Portfolio Management

Eliminate Excel and Word as management tools for your business. You can import lists directly into the Decision Focus software suite. This process allows you to list all the applications and systems the organization is using, and show how these are connected to your service levels, vendors and project portfolio.

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Reports and KPIs

You can create dynamic reports and drill-down views throughout all of your the processes you choose to integrate with our software suite. KPI integration is available throughout portfolio management, benefits realization and vendor management. KPIs, along with a variety of graphic visualisations, are defined for each role.

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Add your own processes

One of the core functionalities in our software suite is allowing customers to build new processes in the solution and integrate them with existing ones. Decision Focus’s key task is to work with our customers to determine needs, design processes and implement them in our software.

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Project Management

Manage project deliverables, risks and changes in the Decision Focus software suite. Project managers get a comprehensive overview of every task the team is working on. They can choose to include estimates, and see how much outstanding work remains for tasks and work packages.

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Benefits Realisation

Pull key elements from your business case for each project, and let our software ensure that you always have a complete overview of implementation progress. All benefits are associated with projects, strategy and the people who are responsible for follow-up.

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