Decision Focus is a first class consulting and implementation
partner that we highly recommend.

Bodo Koerber
Director of IBM Software North East Europe

Decision Focus is responsible for more implementations
and customers than anyone else.

Johan Hedström,
Worldwide GTM Marketing Manager for IBM Rational PPM

Decision Focus is why our customers get better results
than they had counted on.

Mike Kuklenko,
IBM Rational Worldwide Systems Sales Director

Decision Focus is the premier services oriented business
partner for Focal Point.

Neil Leblanc
IBM Product Manager for Focal Point

Decision Focus has a variety of references. We work with many different organisations internationally and across industries both in the private and public sector.

Below please find selected Decision Focus customers.


Astellas Pharma headquartered in Japan, is a leading global pharmaceutical company with more than 17,000 employees.

Decision Focus has been working closely with Astellas IS* Strategic Planning and Control over the last couple of  years to implement an IT Project Portfolio solution as IS common tool across regions. The solution is aligned to the IS governance process and includes areas such as ideas, project prioritization, financial planning, portfolio management, project approval procedure, status reporting and benefit tracking.

*IS: Information Systems
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Over the past months, Decision Focus has been implementing Focal Point at SanDisk in California. SanDisk now saves 95% of time spent analyzing market opportunities with Focal Point. In this video, PMO Manager Lynn Qian, director of finance at SanDisk explains how this is done.
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EMC is a multinational US based organization, offering data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products. Focal Point supports the management of this growing product range to facilitate management decisions on product roadmaps. Decision Focus is the consultant lead on this implementation.

Maersk Line

Maersk Line is a leader worldwide shipping. Over the past years, IT has become key to maintain the lead in this industry. Focal Point is used to create complete overview of the IT project portfolio on priority, and to further increase responsiveness to business demand. Decision Focus has supported the implementation of Agile methods with Focal Point.

Bank of America

As one of the world’s largest corporations, Bank of America continuously prioritize, run and measure on a large portfolio of projects. Decision Focus is implementation partner on the Focal Point implementation, primarily focusing on advanced reporting and dashboards across a growing project portfolio.

Formula One Team

A leading Formula 1 team based in the UK has partnered with Decision Focus to support the implementation of IBM Focal Point as their car feedback management solution.

”It is already adding value by improving collaboration between departments and providing prioritisation support, helping each team focus their resources on high value items in the run up to the 2014 race season. The commitment, flexibility and general quality of work from the team at Decision Focus were superb, and I doubt we would have met the deadline with anyone else,” says Head of IT
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Kuwait Petroleum International

Kuwait Petroleum International, known by the trademark Q8, manages the delivery of a portfolio of process improvement projects using IBM Focal Point. The Focal Point solution implemented during 2013 covers a number of key process areas such as idea management, annual budgeting and planning and quarterly reporting of benefits and progress.

Implementing Focal Point using a cloud-based managed service has enabled Q8 to quickly replace a number of tracking spreadsheets and document templates and is providing process improvements through improved transparency, consolidated programme management and progress reporting.
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Kingfisher Information Services (KITS) is the IT delivery arm of Kingfisher, Europe’s largest home improvement retailer with over 1,030 stores in eight countries. They employ 78,000 people and nearly six million customers shop in their stores every week with a total turnover of £10.6 Billion.

The KITS Project Management Office (PMO) have been managing a diverse portfolio of IT projects using IBM Rational Focal Point for over two years. Focal Point provide management with overviews, which help identify potential hotspots. Status information is available to stakeholders across Europe with financial tracking supported for multiple currencies and adapted to meet country-specific requirements. Decision Focus continue to work with KITS to help them extract additional value from Focal Point and expand the solution to new areas of the business.

Coop Denmark

Coop Denmark is the largest retail chain in Denmark with 1200 stores, 36,000 employees and a £5.7 billion turnover.

The company projects demand a great deal of planning, control and prioritisation, which is why management has chosen Focal Point to create overview of the project portfolio and benefits realisation.

Bank DnB Nord

The project office at Bank DnB Nord has worked intensively making the management of the IT project portfolio more effective. The company has a lot of vendors and they therefore had a growing need for control and follow up in order to secure finances and deliveries.

Decision Focus has helped the bank implement Focal Point to support overviews for all projects, prioritization and provide an overview of resources for hundreds of persons across borders.
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When the Danish national railroad, DSB, began planning implementation of the new European signalling system, management chose to drop Excel and thousands of ​​emails and instead run all projects in IBM Focal Point. It took just seven weeks to start taking advantage of the many administrative benefits.
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Oticon is one of the leading producers of hearing aids. The company has in collaboration with Decision Focus used Focal Point in their product development to prioritize requirements for their new products.

City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen uses Focal Point to gain an overview of their many projects across departments and offices.

Management in the Finance Administration has obtained the possibility of accessing and prioritizing projects from the ideas stage in relation to the many ongoing projects and their status.
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Danish Ministry of Finance

The Danish Ministry of Finance needed an overview as well as a better and faster way of prioritising their projects.

They chose Focal Point from IBM and Decision Focus as their partner because:

- It provided a quicker and simpler way of prioritising
- Supported the Ministry of Finance’s project framework
- Provided a higher degree of usability
- Quick implementation
- Limited resources required from within the organisation
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Swedbank is one of the biggest Nordic banks and are using Focal Point to prioritize ideas within IT and new business areas.

Decision Focus has together with the management of the project office made sure that every project, milestone, and gate approval has one identical workflow with clear decision points. All this is run in Focal Point.
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With more than 60 years of experience in telecommunications, Iskratel from Slovenia is one of the world's leading telecommunications equipment and solutions providers.

Decision Focus helped Iskratel implement Focal Point for Product Portfolio Management. Drivers for the implementation was to align product initiatives with the strategic directions, creating a single source of ‘truth’, gaining greater control, creating overview of product portfolio, and joining up processes.

City of Gentofte

“This has been a great improvement because Focal Point has so many filter options and visualizations. We now have a structured and flexible view of finances, man-hours and the value that each project creates. It’s intuitive to use for both management and employees, and it provides a solid platform for decision-making”
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