Decision Focus is a certified IBM Business Partner. We represent more clients than any other Focal Point business partner, and have contributed a long line of Focal Point product enhancements. We enjoy particularly close collaboration with IBM’s Focal Point development team.

This close collaboration is unusual for business partners, but both IBM and Decision Focus invest many resources in the partnership. We contribute with new solution designs, by speaking at IBM seminars and by providing user feedback. IBM support provides us with dedicated resources so our customers get the help they need – immediately.

Decision Focus also participates in the Focal Point Design Partner Program, as one of just a few business partners worldwide, and we work on joint projects with IBM’s product managers on an on-going basis.

In addition to close cooperation with IBM, Decision Focus develops Focal Point plug ins, enhancing our customers’ user experience even more.

This unique relationship with IBM, combined with our continued focus on new Focal Point development, enables us to accelerate any Focal Point implementation.

In 2013 Decision Focus was Finalists at the annual IBM Beacon Awards in the category “Outstanding innovation in software and systems development" and Finalists at IBM Innovate Awards in the category “Innovation in IT Development”.

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