A wide range of built-in core functionalities is a fundamental characteristic of the Decision Focus software suite. Whatever processes you work with, you can choose precisely those functionalities that suit your portfolio management needs. The core functionalities of the software suite positions us well ahead of other solutions on the market, and make working with an easy standard solution a dynamic and enjoyable experience.

Once the processes have been defined and prioritised, roles must be assigned to project participants. Notifications to be sent to the appropriate roles before, during and after each process are also set up.

Simple prioritisation of the portfolio

  • Unique opportunities for simple prioritisation enable better decisions, faster.
  • The unique feature “pair-wise relative comparisons” compares each project to another in terms of value and cost.
  • You get a simple visual image of which projects will provide the most value for the organisation – before preparing time-consuming business cases.

Dynamic dashboards

  • Dashboards and reports are rarely static. Once the information is there, one report often reveals the need for another. The solution allows you to create new views in real time – anywhere, anytime.
  • You can create new dashboards anytime and publish them to selected roles and people.
  • Ordinary users can also create their own dashboards across all the data they have access to.

Automated workflows

  • Delegate updates to different roles, see how much progress they have made and who needs a reminder.
  • Let the solution create and send reminder notices for information that is missing and must be obtained before the process can continue.
  • Define your own processes and let the Decision Focus software show you what deviates from the expected flow.
  • Automatic Exception Management is supported in all process steps.

Collaboration tools

  • Built-in social business collaboration tools eliminate the many Word documents for documentation and the many emails for communication.
  • Discussion threads make it easy to collect all communication in our software suite rather than communicate in isolated emails.
  • Relevant roles are automatically notified when new comments are made on their tasks.
  • You can subscribe to changes in other people’s applications, requirements, projects, milestones, finances, etc.

Integration with email

  • Let our software automatically send emails when something important occurs for a given role occurs.
  • Decide for yourself what triggers email notifications to those who need to provide information in the solution, such as missing status reports or decision logs.
  • Send emails directly to the tool.


  • Define your own differentiated access permissions.
  • Give every user personalised start pages where their data and actions are ready.

Open platform

  • Standard integration with Word, Excel and MS Project.
  • Supports web services – you can integrate practically all modern systems.
  • LDAP integration. Can work with Single Sign-on.
  • Export anything to Excel if special reports are required.
  • Standard integration with Rational Team Concert for detailed management.
  • Integration with the rest of the Rational suite is included.

100% web-based

  • No downloads.
  • Runs in practically all standard browsers.

Remote hosting

  • 82% of our customers host the solution remotely.
  • Remote hosting is safe, and is also used by pharmaceutical companies, banks and public enterprises.