Decision Focus makes Application Portfolio Management possible with just one tool. Eliminate Excel and Word as management tools for your business.

Decision Focus Open Solution Sets: Start with Application Portfolio Management best practice templates where predefined roles and reports are already set up. All you need to do is import data from Excel, and you’re on your way to seeing the big picture.
Later, you can expand with our finance module and get detailed summaries of budgets, costs and forecasts with Investment Analyser.

You can import lists directly into Decision Focus.
This process allows you to list all the applications and systems the organization is using, and show how these are connected to your service levels, vendors and project portfolio.

Decision Focus creates dynamic reports with drill-down features to show how much you use on each application for operation, development and support. Now you can prioritise your application portfolio in relation to strategic initiatives, and see how new development tasks impact your existing systems.

The tool gives you the big picture. It also integrates with Rational System Architect if you need a full overview of business processes, applications, components and strategy.