Portfolio Solutions by Decision Focus

Count on IBM Cloud and Decision Focus,
IBM’s most experienced implementation partner.

Outsourcing made easy.

The new IBM Outsourcing Accelerator
provides a coherent platform to manage the process.

See how more and more companies outsource
development – and maintain focus on their core business.

Better decisions. Faster.

That’s IBM Focal Point.

Let management decide whether a project has strategic value –
with just 10% of total project information.

Use IBM Focal Point to digitise your project organisation.
With minimal complexity and maximum flexibility.

Focal Point makes decision making calm and clear.
Start making yours in just eight weeks.

Faster decisions

Portfolio management enables organisations to act quickly and make the right decisions in rapidly changing business environments. Using just 10% of all project information, management is able to determine whether a project is in line with the company’s strategic focus.

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Flexible process support

Our Suite supports a wide range of business processes. You choose which ones you want to work with. You also choose which process elements and core functionalities to implement. And then you choose whether your organisation or Decision Focus will initiate and drive each process.

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What IBM says

What customers say

Implementations with Decision Focus

Decision Focus provides expertise in strategic consulting and portfolio management. We specialize in Unicom Focal Point because it is the best platform for portfolio management, and we are one of the best-selling Focal Point knowledge centers in the world.

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IBM Cloud

Power up your project organisation – and make it digital. Based on real life experience from thousands of companies all over the world, our tool is 100% web-based, running on IBM Cloud. Organisations have access anytime, anywhere. Think maximum freedom, best-practice templates – and simple overviews.

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